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Erectile dysfunction can be resolved both with and without medication. In some cases, a combination of the forms of therapy is also recommended. Which therapy is most successful usually depends on why and why the erectile dysfunction has occurred. In order to find out and to effectively repair the erectile dysfunction, a thorough diagnosis at the specialist is first necessary.

Medicines are not always the drug of choice Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), do not necessarily need to take medication. Whether this is a promising approach depends on the severity and cause of erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes a change of life is enough. For example, several studies have shown that men with a slight overweight and erectile problems were able to experience a fulfilling sexuality (without any aids) after only a few months by changing their diet and physical activity. This does not mean that the man has to do a lot of sports, even small movements such as taking the stairs or walks can cause positive effects here.

A targeted pelvic floor training or a cavernous body training can also lead to a significant improvement in potency and be an essential building block in therapy.

Overweight is just one of the risk factors and starting points for erectile dysfunction. Also, increased alcohol consumption and poor sleep hygiene due to irregular times, disturbing external influences (such as noise and light), a false mattress or the like can lead to reduced potency in men. Tips for a sound sleep

Erectile dysfunction, which is at an early stage, can generally be repaired by changing the lifestyle.

Further therapy options As part of the drug therapy, the known drugs (Viagra®, Cialis 20mg and Levitra® and Co.) are usually used. In addition, in some cases locally administered drugs are used. In particular, injections into the corpus cavernosum, as well as intraurethral drugs or local, potency-enhancing creams, are to be mentioned to list a few options.

If this does not lead to the desired success, there is still the possibility to remedy the erectile dysfunction by surgery. However, this is only done if all other therapy options are unsuccessful or can not be used.

In general, the various measures are often used in combination to achieve the best possible results.

Here is an overview of the different therapy options. Learn more

A thorough diagnosis is crucial Erectile dysfunction is nowadays not only treated symptomatically, in many cases it is also possible to completely cure the patient. This should always be the first goal.

To achieve this, it is important to first do a thorough diagnosis, which is often the first step in healing. While there are many reports on the Internet about how men have resolved their erectile dysfunction, you should always keep in mind that the measures described there have worked in a particular case. In any case, to find out how you can best be helped, you should consult a specialist who will perform a thorough diagnosis. Because before the therapy is always the diagnosis.

Essential examinations that the specialist should perform are biothesiometry, pelvic floor EMG and Doppler duplex sonography. What you should pay attention to when choosing the doctor, we have put together here for you.